To live one’s life fully is to live a life following your passions.  

Is your life full of meaning and purpose?

Does each day include doing what you love and loving what you do?

Are you surrounded by all the people, places and things you desire?

If you answer no to any of these questions, I invite you to go on an incredible journey of self discovery to learn God’s purpose for putting YOU specifically on this planet!

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Come and take The Passion Test created by visionaries and New York Times Best Selling authors Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood to experience the profound yet simple method to discovering your life purpose!


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Spend 3 Hours with Me to Learn the #1 Tool Used Worldwide to Discover Your Passions and Your Life’s Purpose – The Passion Test

I am committed to helping you find your passions – to live your life to the fullest!  traceyfullsizesquareAs a certified Passion Test Facilitator I will personally take you through The Passion Test and provide 1 on 1 coaching through (2) one and a half hour sessions.  You will have a completely new outlook along with some amazing tools to help you create what ever it is you want out of life


1 on 1 Coaching Session Package  $297-      3 hours of personalized attention to guide you step by step to live your passions.

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When you take The Passion Test:

  • You will become clear on identifying and prioritizing your passions.
  • You will learn the three keys to creating anything you choose to have in your life.
  • You will uncover the sign posts that will guide you to the life of your dreams .
  • You will have tools to help eliminate limiting beliefs that might hold you back from living a life following your passions.
  • You will learn the secret to living a life full of joy, peace and happiness.

Still undecided?  The Passion Test is for YOU if any of the following sounds familiar:

  • If you are unsure about the direction you want to go in your life.
  • If you have been successful in many areas but still feel unfulfilled.
  • Something BIG is missing in your life and you can’t quite identify it.

You have made it to this page because something inside you is leading you to find a better way to live – to live a passionate life!  Make that commitment to yourself and start loving life today!!!

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