Feminine Essence ~
For many centuries, the gifts of feminine essence have been repressed in favor of masculine essence. We all have both aspects within us because both are essential in creating a balance in life but society has favored the masculine for many centuries. It’s the yin and yang. We need both the wisdom of the feminine and the action of the masculine within us. We need a combination of the nurturing elements and the directive elements. Each of the essences compliment one another, serve one another and enlighten one another. By utilizing and valuing both the feminine and masculine within us, we can begin to appreciate and experience more out of life and truly create a life that is filled with the wonders of heaven.

In the Essene community that Mother Mary belonged to, both the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother were venerated. Without one another, there would be no life. The Heavenly Father was the creator of all things and yet the Earthly Mother sustained all life with food, water, and air. Both were necessary, both were valued and both worked together to provide for us a heavenly life on earth.

The Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother were both essential parts of the Tree of Life. The Heavenly Father’s branching reach toward the heavens and the Earthly Mother’s branches, root us and ground us into the earth. The Tree of Life, needs both the roots and the branches of a tree to maintain it’s life and we are the trunk to connect heaven to earth.

I invite you to join the Live on Earth as It Is In Heaven Summit and listen to EM Richter share with us ways to bring balance to our feminine essence of collaboration and intuition with the masculine essence of action and direction into today’s society. Register at www.liveonearthasitisinheaven.com

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