Forgiveness ~ Would Heaven even be possible without forgiveness? I don’t think so. Heaven contains only positive feelings of joy, peace, happiness and love and unless we are able to let go and forgive ourselves and others for those people, circumstances and events that created negative feelings within us, we will always be stuck in a state of hell.

Forgiveness is the essence of unconditional love. Forgiveness let’s go of judgement, pain, fear, guilt, defensiveness, rage and all of the other feelings that drain the life giving energy from us. Heaven provides us with eternal life and forgiveness is the only way to get there.

Jesus’ message was to love so fully that you let go of anything that would get in the way of seeing the greatest gift and the glory of God within one another. To follow in Jesus’ example, it is essential that we learn to forgive.

I would like to invite you to join me and my guest, Kim Harmon, who has an amazing story about forgiveness and some incredible tools about how to forgive to share with us on the Live on Earth as It Is In Heaven 2015 Summit. Kim is an expert on the topic of forgiveness and she can help you let go of anything that is in the way or holding you back from fully loving, fully receiving and fully connecting with God in a state of Heaven.

Register today so you won’t miss her at Forgiveness ~

Forgiveness opens the gates to heaven!

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