Keep Christ in Christmas

This Advent Season as we prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus, consider these ways to keep Christ in Christmas….

Be a Gift

Christ came as a gift to all people.  He didn’t give material possessions, he gave himself.  Jesus offered himself and modeled for us how to love so that we could live on earth as it is in heaven.  When God created each of us, he gave us special gifts to share with the world as well.  Take your smile, your humor, your intellect, your creativity, your strength, your kindness, your compassion or whatever else is special and unique about yourself and offer it to others and not just those you love, or those you know, but be a good samaritan and offer it to anyone who needs it.  This is how you can keep Christ in Christmas this season.  

Give Someone Hope

The night Christ was born, he brought hope to the people.  Hope that there is a way to be saved from all the evil and sins of the world.  Hope that we can be reunited with God the Father, the source of all goodness again.  Jesus brought hope of a new life full of joy and peace and love.  There are lots of people in the world who are missing hope and need someone to offer them a kind word, a helpful gesture, a chance to speak their truth, a chance to be listened to, a hug, an opportunity, encouragement, direction, inspiration…..Keep Christ in Christmas by giving someone hope this season.  

Sing With Joy

The night Christ was born, the angels sang praises of joy to the world.  To keep Christ in Christmas, this season share with the world what brings you joy.  Show your willingness to receive Christ fully by proclaiming God’s glory in the blessings he’s showered upon you every day.  Sing with joy your praises of God with gratitude for all the things that make you smile, that fill your soul, that brighten your day so that everyone knows the influence of Jesus Christ in your life.  Be like the angels and rejoice in Christ our Lord! 

Be at Peace in the Moment

The night Christ was born, there was peace on earth. People all over from the three wisemen to the shepherds in the fields and of course Mary and Joseph themselves could feel the power of the Lord in their presence that night.   Each took a moment to recognize the shining star, to seek the child that would be the savior of the world and to be at peace in silence to take in the wonder of the moment.   In the hustle and bustle of the season, it can be hard to find peace in your day.  Keep Christ in Christmas this season by taking the time to enjoy each moment.  Slow down enough to appreciate the sights and sounds and tastes and smells to feel peace and revel in the spirit of Christmas.  

Make Peace with Others

Jesus Christ brought peace to the world on the night he was born.  This Christmas season to keep Christ in Christmas, let us find peace with those in our lives that we need to offer peace to the most.  This season we are sometimes asked to spend time with people that may not bring out the best in us and that makes it difficult to be Christ like.  Either we are judging or we are being judged when a sense of peace is missing in important relationships.  And often judgement makes people want to try and change or influence a person or a situation rather than accept and love them as they are unconditionally.  

Consider how Jesus responded to all of the people who judged him throughout his ministry and even after.  Did he get angry, or become threatening? No, he knew God’s value in free will to allow people to decide to accept him or not. Did he chase after them and beg them to like him?  No.  Did he try to change his core values to match what others wanted of him? Definitely not.  Did he condemn others who did not follow his ways?  No, he loved them and he wanted them to know he would always welcome them.  Christ showed up as he was called and created without any apologies for who he was or if he offended anyone.   He let people decide if they would accept him or not but he did not let their decision impact him. 

Like a fisherman who puts out the bait for any fish to take, Jesus invites people to him and knows some will pass him by while others will accept his love.  Jesus didn’t withhold his love from anyone regardless even if they crucified him.  That is how we can keep Christ in Christmas….make peace with those around you.  Seek out who you need to forgive and who you need to ask forgiveness from and create peace through love. 

Let Your Light Shine

Did you ever consider the significance of Christ being born in the evening?  The world was dark and God brought us a light.  All that is needed to light a room is a tiny flicker from a single candle.  Darkness can never extinguish a light but even the smallest bit of light can extinguish the dark.  To keep Christ in Christmas, be a light in the world.  Be a ray of hope, provide guidance or direction to someone who is lost through your love and acceptance, let God’s goodness shine through you.  

May you and your family have a very blessed Christmas and may Christ be the center of all your celebrations.