Mother Mary belonged to the Jewish sect, the Essenes. The Essenes were well documented by historians of Jesus’ time as a people whom none other compared.   They lived to be well into their 100s, they were extraordinary agriculturalists – able to grow a variety of foods in what others would deem difficult conditions, they practiced purifying rituals with water, they mastered their mind through deep breathing meditations, they sought the sun as a source of power, they built an unparalleled economic system within their community, they gathered wisdom from all the spiritual masters and they were known as great healers and peace makers.

The Essenes believed in creating a holy temple within them by communing with the angels of the Earthly Mother and the Heavenly Father. Whatever they put into their bodies would either honor and strengthen the holy temple they were trying to build or defile and weaken it.

We put food, water, air as well as thoughts and feelings inside our bodies every day. Essenes sought to digest, drink, breathe, think and feel only superior sources that would create a life giving energy.

How often is what we put in, or even hold onto, worthy of a holy temple?   The pure drinking water that is delivered to my community is full of fluoride – something all toothpaste manufacturers warn is dangerous if ingested.

Even if the food we choose is not processed with artificial flavors and preservatives, our fruits and vegetables contains pesticides or were genetically modified to no longer provide the nutrition God intended. In fact animals who are fed genetically engineered foods suffer a multitude of diseases and become completely sterile by the third generation of offspring. Our meats and dairy contain antibiotics and steroids that weaken our immune system. Would this food honor our holy temples?

Our air quality has been the subject of debate as well. Are the pollutants changing the ozone layer of our atmosphere? The vehicles we drive everyday are making our air unfit to breathe. Are there not ways to keep our air pure?

Today there are many organizations working to promote clean water, air, natural energy and food without pesticides, hormones or chemicals because they recognize as a global community, we have turned from God and defiled our Mother Earth.

One organization that is leading us in the right direction is The Food Revolution started by Ocean Robbins – the grandson of the creator of the famous Baskin Robbins Ice Cream. Ocean, along with his father saw the harmful effects of eating foods that defile and weaken our bodies and they have committed their lives to lead a revolution that will help our bodies thrive, not just survive and their revolution will impact the water and air as well.

But it isn’t just those tangible things we put into our bodies that create havoc, it is those invisible ingestions with our minds that weaken our inner holy temple as well. According to Dr. Weil, almost 90% of all visits to our primary care physicians are due to stress related problems. Stress is almost always caused by our thoughts. Our thoughts create perceptions of support and resources that either give us life energy or deplete our energy when we become defensive and sense a need to fight for survival. The information we put into our brains is just as nourishing or toxic as the food, water and air we put into our bodies.

Jesus told each person he healed that it was their faith that healed them. Our thoughts are vitally important to our health.   Abraham-Hicks mantra is, “A belief is just a thought you keep thinking.” So it is important for us to think superior thoughts over and over again until they become a belief.

Mother Mary’s community was able to be so strong, vibrant and full of life because together they supported one another in building their temples within. If we want to eradicate disease and live longer healthier lives, we need to make choices every day that bring us back to life and honor the holy temple within us.

We need to commune with the Earthly Mother Angels that bring the life energy of food, water, air and sun AND the Heavenly Father’s Angels that bring the life energy of wisdom, power, love and peace because without them all, our temple is not complete. That sacred place within us needs vitality in mind, body and spirit.

Yesterday, a friend’s father past away from kidney cancer. The family held great faith that he would win his battle against this horrendous disease. But as with most life threatening diseases, medical specialists try to save us by poisoning our bodies. Cancer and even antibiotics kills as much of the bad cells as the good in a person. Our methods of a cure actually bring us closer to death than we were before in hopes that we can come back to life in the end.

Poison in our bodies wreaks havoc with our minds. My brother lost function of both of his kidneys (the organs that help eliminate poisons in our body) several years ago.   It was extremely evident how many toxins were waiting to be released from his body before he underwent dialysis because his thoughts, moods and beliefs became very morbid. His spirits were most high after his body had been cleansed.

You could argue either way that science is making great strides in their ability to cure life threatening diseases or you could argue the cures by pharmaceuticals are trying just as hard to keep us sick. Either way, our best defense is to do what Mother Mary would do and be conscious of the holy temple we build for God within our bodies by communing with the angels of the Earthly Mother and the Heavenly Father.

Through a sacred ritual of communing with angels….

  • Mother Mary would eat only whole organic foods.
  • Mother Mary would purify her body and blood with clean water.
  • Mother Mary would breathe deep, fresh, clean air every day.
  • Mother Mary would bathe in the sun long enough to soak in it’s goodness.
  • Mother Mary would seek joy in all things.
  • Mother Mary would honor the life of every living creature.
  • Mother Mary would partake in creative, productive work.
  • Mother Mary would seek to create peace.
  • Mother Mary would practice loving others.
  • Mother Mary would seek wisdom of spiritual masters.
  • Mother Mary would acknowledge the power of our thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • Mother Mary would strive for eternal life.

If you too would like to create a holy sacred temple within you, join me in following Jesus’ word from the Essene gospels and commune with the angels as Mother Mary would do.

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May our friend’s father rejoice in his new life with the Heavenly Father, May the Angel of Peace descend upon his family in this time of grief, May all those afflicted by disease feel supported and have the resources and strength to build a new Holy Temple within them that will bring them eternal life, May all those wanting a sacred place for God within them, make the necessary choices to build a temple full of strength, wisdom and vigor so we may live on earth as it is in heaven.iStock_000017193574Large - Version 2

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