The world is full of strife. I can hardly read the paper knowing all the turmoil going on out there with families being, torn apart by war.

What Would Mother Mary Do ?

Mother Mary is so important to the world today. A model for us all; she was the greatest Jewish mother of all time. Christians revere her as a saint. Jesus Christ told John to embrace her as his own mother in hopes we would all do the same. The Muslims hold a deep respect for her as the mother of a great prophet. She is referenced more in the Qur’an than in the Bible. The Hindus venerate Mother Mary as a mother goddess. Buddists’ Kannon/Kuan Yin can be said to be a mirror of her.  Mother Mary can be our unifying mother for the world.

War is always related to fear and a part of a mother’s job is to try and relieve her child’s fears.

Mother Mary raised Jesus in perfect love and perfect love casts out fear. (1 John 4:18 NASB)

People fear loss of power. Power gives us freedom to make choices regarding our desires and the ability to obtain them.

Mother Mary raised Jesus to recognize the power of God within himself to make choices in his thoughts, words and actions that would either bring him closer to love or further away from it toward fear. She taught him to turn towards love (God is Love), not fear for she knew the consequences of putting energy in to either one would make it stronger. Jesus did not fear his desires would not be met. “Ask and it will be given to you.” (Matthew 7:7 NIV)

People fear lack of abundance. They begin to believe there is a limited supply of whatever they desire – food, land, jobs and that they must fight for their portion.

Mary raised Jesus to know abundance. Jesus himself said he came that we might have an abundant life. (John 10:10) Raised being influenced by the Essene community, Jesus knew we are all one and whatever thought, word or action you produce, it will impact everyone in the community and in fact, the world. The Essenes shared communally their food, shelter, land and talents with the intent of loving one another in perfect love. Jesus knew there is more than enough for everyone and just as the loaves of bread and fishes multiplied, he tried to teach us the same. (John 6:1-14)

People fear diversity for there is comfort in knowing, understanding and relating to others who think, look and act and pray like you. There is a fundamental desire in us all to connect with others who are similar to us. When we don’t make the effort to understand each other’s differences, we become judgmental claiming our way is the right way, and in many cases we believe it is the only way which perpetuates the fear within us for the need to protect our way of living, thinking, believing.

God Almightly did not create each of us uniquely so as to not value diversity and Jesus’ actions support that. Jesus had his good friends, whom were his disciples, but he spent much of his time with those who were the least like him. Tax collectors, prostitutes, the sick – Jesus was unafraid of differences and loved them all equally whether they followed his word or not.   Jesus taught us not to judge. (Matthew 7:1)

Of the billions of people in the world today who have experienced God through a variety of religions – who are we to say God could not come to them in a way that is different from our own?  Maybe their path to know God will be made certain, clearer, smoother when they understand Jesus after knowing a different way?

Mothers all over the world, I imploreDSC02492 us to unite in teaching our children a perfect love that casts out fear just as Mother Mary did and be the light behind the darkness.

Let us cast out the fear that causes our children to feel powerless, limited and the need to eliminate differences

Let us lift up our children in a perfect love that holds no judgment of God’s creations.

Let us teach our children the will and power of God to work through them.

Let us teach our children gratitude for the abundance of life God has given us for it is only when we lack gratitude that we lack abundance.

Let us teach our children service toward one another and to use their gifts for the good of all.

Let us teach our children to seek first to understand one another in our differences and to find the goodness in them that can benefit our world community and appreciate one another’s unique existence on earth.

Like Mother Mary, let us teach our children to turn toward God and have a faith that casts out fear and allows a love so strong, an appreciation so deep, and a rejoicing so full for one another that the power of God can be seen within each of us, the abundance of life can be felt within each of us and our unique differences can be experienced as gifts to helps us all live on earth as it is in heaven.

As mothers of the world, let us unite in prayer for our children to know and live, give and receive in perfect love so that peace may be found on earth.