Fir branch on abstract lights backgroundTo prepare her heart for the coming of Jesus, Mother Mary considered the meaning of eternal life. For eternity we will be God’s children ~ able to soar into the endless light of love, peace and joy. We do not have to wait for death to begin to enjoy eternal life – God breathed life into us long ago with the intention that we begin living on earth today as it is in heaven. Go ~ imagine, dream, create a heavenly life for whatever we ask for and are open to receiving, God will provide.

So often we get caught up in living for tomorrow or regretting the past.  God gave us this day to live to the fullest. God gave us this glorious day to risk, explore, dream, learn but most importantly to love and be joyful while you are at it.  God gave us this day to shine from within and illuminate all the gifts given to us.  We are beautiful, amazing miracles – we are the Children of God!  Live today knowing that you have eternity ahead of you…there is no need to rush, there is no need to worry about mistakes, there is only the need to live on earth as it is in heaven TODAY.

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