My mission is to build up the Kingdom of God by helping you as a mother deepen your relationship with God using the model of Mother Mary to transform your fear to love, doubt to peace and despair to joy so you can live your purpose, experience life on earth as it is in heaven and help your children to do the same.

My Belief About You:

God the Father created you with special gifts and talents and abilities and insight to help him build God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

You are meant to be in partnership with God by binding your will with God’s and illuminating God’s love through your choices of thoughts, words and actions to lead all to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Never in the history of time has anyone ever been created just like you, to do the job God sent you to do. And never again will there ever be anyone just like you with all your same traits and qualities so perfectly designed for this purpose. Therefore you have a responsibility to God and the wellbeing of all living creatures to use those gifts and talents God gave you.  

When you receive and faithfully accept God’s unconditional love and acceptance, you invite the power of The Holy Spirit, who resides within you, to do all the things through Christ and according to God’s will, to overcome all evil and negativity.  

In Jesus’ name you are called to do greater things than he. You have been given authority by the power of The Holy Spirit, to heal, repair, serve, strengthen and unite yourself and others to build God’s kingdom by living your life to your fullest potential. 

What brings you true joy, love and peace are the indicators that you are following the path of God’s will for you. 

Through the blood of Jesus Christ, you are worthy of all God’s gifts and promises including experiencing an abundance of joy, peace, unconditional love, and acceptance. 

When you know this in your heart, with God, nothing is impossible and you can begin to live as Christ desired and taught us and do so in love.  

My Belief About God:

I was born and raised Catholic by a father who believed our personal relationship with Jesus was more important than following the rules of the church and by a mother who didn’t believe in religion at all so needless to say my upbringing was a bit non-traditional.

I believe everything God created is good and when we keep God’s goodness at the forefront of our minds and hearts we are aligning our will with his.  Anything “bad” that shows up in our lives is a result of our human free will choices.

I believe God desires to partner with us and we are called to be co-creators in building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

I believe it is God’s ultimate vision to unite all of his children with him in heaven and when we accept our role and responsibility as a Child of God,  we take a step closer to the realization of his vision.

I believe God sent us his son Jesus to show us the way to build the Kingdom of Heaven through our faith, hope and love.

My Belief About Mary:

I believe Mary was created with all the perfect qualities and traits, gifts and talents to become the mother of Jesus Christ.

I believe in her immaculate conception ~ her original sin was forgiven when she was conceived.

I believe she lived her entire life following her passion to love and serve the Lord.

I believe Mary made choices to accept and align her will with God’s to fulfill her life’s purpose of becoming a vessel for God’s love.

I believe Mary perfected her love for God and that love cast out all fear to help her overcome almost every imaginable nightmare for a mother.

I believe Jesus offered his mother to the rest of the world because he believed in her worthiness and her important role in teaching us how to rejoice always, pray without ceasing and in everything giving thanks.

I believe Mary’s example of developing a personal relationship with God is universal to all and speaks to most faiths. She was a Jewish mother of a man who the Christian faith was built upon.  The Muslim Koran speaks of her more than the Bible.  She is considered a Hindu goddess and her story is almost identical to the Buddhist figure Quan Yin.  Therefore, although I speak from my Christian faith, I believe Mary is meant to be a model for us all in building the Kingdom of God.