Through many years of prayer, contemplation and seeking, it has become clear to me that Mother Mary took specific steps to become a woman who was worthy of being the mother of Jesus.

Mary modeled for Jesus as we should model for our own children how to love and serve unconditionally.  What did Mother Mary do for Jesus that we too can do for our own children?

  1. Mary had a desire to know and serve the Lord.   She instilled a desire for Jesus to know and fulfill God’s purpose for his life.
  2. Mary put God before all things and modeled a constant connection with God through ceaseless prayer.  Her connection with God allowed her to experience his pure love which cast out all her fears.   
  3. Mary took care of her body to be a temple for God to reside.  She taught Jesus to do the same so he was not tempted in the desert and he knew God is always with us. 
  4. Mary was conscious of the power of her thoughts and the feelings her thoughts created for she knew they would direct her actions.   Mary chose to think life giving thoughts of joy, faith, hope and love for the world.  
  5. Mary practiced gratitude for everything and through least resistance accepted and trusted in God’s plan for our welfare.
  6. Mary modeled responsibility to receive and share the fruits of God’s gifts to us in order to help all of humanity.
  7. Mary was a channel of peace.  She welcomed everyone, she served everyone and she loved unconditionally. 

Jesus taught us, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40.  And therefore I urge you, to love your children as you would love Jesus.  Care for your children as you would care for Jesus.  Serve your children as you would serve Jesus.  Educate, expose, present, lead, shelter and illuminate God’s goodness in your children as you would if Jesus were your own child and watch a new generation of love in humanity flourish.  Do these things and you will have served Christ well.


Mary Holding Jesus with Gold Veil

May peace be with you always!