WiseMenwOn this day of Epiphany, the wise men came from the east where the sun always rises to bring us new light. They had studied in depth the alignment of the stars, the signs of the heavens and the Word of God, looking for the new King of the Jews.

An epiphany is said to be a sudden insight from the divine that requires a depth of prior knowledge to lead to a significant leap in understanding ~ enlightenment.

Here were three wise men who found what they were seeking on this special day and so much more. Even with all their knowledge, they too were overcome with love, joy and peace in the presence of Jesus.

To call this day Epiphany implies the wise men left much wiser than they were upon their arrival. Here they came to pay homage and left so much richer themselves.

One of my favorite sayings is, “Wise men (and women) still seek Him.” Imagine if we were all like the Magi – studying in depth the Word of God, seeking signs of his existence, his presence, his influence, trusting and following our hearts knowing we are destined to discover our creator. And in turn, we give our best gifts to share with the world as a joyful celebration of this union! Imagine our own epiphanies, our own revelations, our own enlightenment that would come from seeking God. Seek and you too shall find the light of God!