To prepare her spirit for the coming of Jesus, Mother Mary opened her mind to the ancient wisdom available to her on how to connect with God. Mother Mary sought knowledge from God’s written and oral word so as to grow in her own wisdom and understanding of God’s intentions, plans and will. She drew her wisdom from the libraries her faith community kept, but also from stories, rituals, music and dance of her culture.

Interestingly, the Jewish tradition believed proselytism was unnecessary and therefore she sought to understand other’s faith more than she tried to convert them to her own. By understanding the many ways others experience and connect to God, Mary was able to focus her attention on her faith practices that were most effective in helping her experience God in a way unlike any other.

??????????????????We all come to know God the by the way we open our hearts, our minds and our spirits. Seek God and God will reveal to you the wisdom you need to create an everlasting bond with Him.

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