A woman so pure

Today we celebrate Mother Mary’s birthday, God’s creation of a woman so pure in heart that even as a child her greatest joy was hearing God’s word and finding ways to serve her Lord.  

Although anything is possible, God gives us free will every moment of every day to either follow the light or turn to the darkness.   Mary chose to follow the light.

God allows us to choose if we want to head in the direction of heaven or hell.   Mary chose to walk toward heaven. 

We have the opportunity to make decisions in our best interests at the moment or in the best interests of all God’s creations from here forward.  Mary chose in the interest of all God’s creations. 

God honors our perspectives on life and even our perspectives on him without changing his love for us and his own desires for us to live abundantly.   Mary chose to know and love God.

God can sprinkle his blessings upon us all day every day and it is only when we are willing to receive/perceive them that they make any difference in our lives.   Mary chose to receive God in body, mind and spirit. 

Mary is the epitome of God’s power to work through his people to lead us all back to heaven.  

God created Mary not as the savior of the world but to model how we too can be vessels for God’s saving Grace.  

God created Mary to show us how God is with us to lead us from darkness, death and destruction.  

God created Mary with a heart open to receive God’s blessings and the wisdom to know it happens by choosing to love more than hate, to find hope where it seems hopeless and by finding joy and goodness in each experience.  

God created Mary not to teach us the Word of the God but to teach us how to live the Word of the God so our thoughts, words and actions may be fruitful. 

God created Mary not as a meek and helpless woman at the mercy of the world but as a strong and fearless woman full of faith in God’s goodness.   

God created Mary to teach us how to be holy in mind, body and spirit. 

God created Mary to express his desire to offer us everything on earth as it is in heaven and help us understand our role to receive his offerings and become a loving mother to care for and nurture all of God’s creations.  

Thank you Lord, for creating Mary on this glorious day!!  

Thank you Mary for having the faith, hope and love to receive God’s blessing and bring forth Jesus to the world!!!

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